Six Flags Magic Mountain / West Coast Racers Update 10/25/19

Derrion: With almost a month between our last update, I was super excited to get back to the park and get coverage for you all! The Fright Fest season will sadly be ending soon, but we have some neat tricks that will give you a treat on your next visit. Most importantly West Coast Racers is taking shape and we have an awesome update to follow. Let’s jump in!

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Park Update

The park was absolutely beautiful on this visit. I decided to take a couple glamour shots of our favorite coasters, including the mighty Viper.

After our recent trip to China , I had to show X2 some love on this trip. I was able to get back to back rides with no waits. It was an amazing day to visit the park.

It was a bit of a shock to see that Twisted Colossus had been re-named. Then I remembered the sad truth that the LA Dodgers did not win the championship and the park made a bet to change the name to the winning team.

One of my favorites was down today! Hopefully it is just a minor refurb and will be back soon.

Another Justice League hero has fallen, some what. The track for the former ZacSpin is no longer in its present location and only the station remains.

Fright fest may almost be done for the season, but you can still witness all the monsters get “Unleashed” at 7 pm during fright fest. It was my first time witnessing this event and it was spectacular. Make sure to get to the area about 15 min prior to find a great spot. The scare actors do a wonderful job of interacting with the crowd.

If you are attending fright fest be sure to purchase your maze wristband in addition to your park admission. Our tip would be to get them at other locations around the park besides the front entrance because there will be little to no wait.

It is crazy to think how fast the spooky season has flown by with only four more nights left! The last day to attend is 11/3/19.

Find the West Coast Racers part of the update in page 2!

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