Six Flags Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor Update – June 11th 2016

20160611_150144 (Medium)Time for another Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! With Hurricane Harbor thrown in this time. There are a few minor changes around Six Flags Magic Mountain, including a new ad-wrap for Viper and Superman Escape from Krypton that’s operating the red train. But more interestingly… the new Python Plunge slide collection at Hurricane Harbor that looks AWESOME!

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Let us start at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Since the park no longer uses the tech booth in the back of the Full Throttle plaza that they created during the 2013 season, they now created a tiny one in front of the stage next to Full Throttle line. When I spoke with some of the sound and lighting guys it became clear that it was hard to access the stage when there was somewhat of a crowd, as the plaza could be jam packed. With the new booth here, this shall not be a problem. 😛20160611_150731 (Medium) The little stage over at the Six Flags Plaza, in front of the Grand Carousel, is being used for entertainment this summer. New tables and chairs have been placed under the shade structure. I’m glad to see the stage used again, adds to the feel of the refurbished area surrounding The New Revolution. 20160611_150857 (Medium) Grad Nite officially ended this week, from the looks of it it was another successful year. The park is now in the process of taking down some of the stages like the one seen here at the Movie District. (For those wondering about the dirt lot a.k.a project 2017, nothing has changed since my last visit). 20160611_155947 (Medium) Tidal Wave remains closed, many don’t expect it to reopen this season. Perhaps we’ll see an Aquaman makeover for the possible Justice League: Battle for Metropolis ride next season!20160611_160027 (Medium) I also snapped a picture of how bare Ninja looks currently over at the first turn-around helix-like element on the ride. There are hardly any trees left around the ride. It’ll be very interesting to see what’s coming. Whether this is preparation for a new ride on the mountain, Ninja leaving or getting refurbished, or an outside party that’s making the park remove these trees… we’ll have to wait and find out. 20160611_155437 (Medium) To my surprise Superman Escape From Krypton was operating the red-side (red car). It’s been a while since I’ve seen that running. Sadly with today’s crowds that was the only side operating. So as usual… there was quite the line for it. The ride did perform nicely, reaching high up on the tower. 20160611_160532 (Medium) Johnny Rockets got rid of their line. Luckily it wasn’t busy when I stepped by, but earlier in the day it seemed quite chaotic. Hopefully they’ll place it back again soon. 20160611_164711 (Medium) Now on to the ride that’s named after/ based on a snake… with a sea creature advertising promotion… VIPER! 20160611_154901 (Medium) We all knew Viper couldn’t stay ads-less forever. So here it is! Summer’s Biggest Thrill Ride… The Sharker, or Vipark. Whatever you want to call it. 🙂20160611_153215 (Medium) Oh and if you didn’t catch on yet, it’s a Discovery Channel Shark Week thing. 😉20160611_153252 (Medium) Making the train look very interesting. (Though I do definitely like this better than the hair-gel ads). 20160611_154333 (Medium) Next up… a trip next door to take a look at the all new Python Plunge! We touched on it in an earlier update… when there were just a few footers placed. But the layout they show below is in fact the layout of the slides and it by far more interesting than the previous slides were. Three helices for both the green and blue slides definitely beats the one helix drop on the old slides that used to be there. Not to forget that this adds a bit more color. 20160611_150218 (Medium) Let’s look into the construction. All slide pieces, besides these skim-out pieces seen below, have been moved to Hurricane Harbor, some even put into place. 20160611_181303 (Medium) The yellow/orange drop slide is the only slide that hasn’t really been constructed yet, but in front of Cabana Cove, the pieces are being put together as you read this. (Unless you read this weeks/months later 😛 )20160611_150211 (Medium) The skim-outs for the green and blue slides have been placed. 20160611_150049 (Medium) And so has most of the rest of the slides. It looks like these smaller slides will offer a fun thrill, the helices are tight and with three per slide the speed will build up and the transition from one direction into the other direction will be very fun!20160611_150041 (Medium)20160611_150121 (Medium) Here’s an up-close look at the new footers and new slides. I believe they’re keeping the Reptile Ridge name for the slide structure because of the area. Curious to see a cool new sign for Python Plunge though!20160611_150147 (Medium)20160611_150144 (Medium)

Thank you for checking out this Six Flags Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor Update! We visited Knott’s Berry Farm to ride the new GhostRider a bunch of times, as well as experience the new Ghost Town Alive! Make sure to check out our new GhostRider Review!

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  1. Viper… if Six Flags isn’t ready to give up on it anytime soon, I could see it getting newer trains with vest-style OTS restraints (like what Six Flags Over Georgia’s former Ninja coaster received, now called Blue Hawk), and track improvements. If Viper is to be removed eventually, I could see that plot of land being ideal for a family-friendly coaster and flat ride. Ninja… much like any Schwarzkopf manufactured coaster is a rare gem, Arrow suspended coasters are also rare, and I could see it getting rehabbed.

    There are many options of what could come to SFMM next year, whether the park could be in line to receive a Larson Super-Loop/Fireball or a Mondial Frisbee flat ride (old Deja-Vu area would be an ideal spot for either ride), a Justice League: Battle For Metropolis, or the park’s record 20th coaster. Six Flags announces their 2017 season plans on Thursday, September 1, 2016. We’ll officially find out some 2 1/2 months from now what will be coming to Magic Mountain, Discovery Kingdom, and other SF parks.

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