Six Flags Magic Mountain – Fright Fest 2018 Lineup!

Six Flags Magic Mountain’s 26th season of Fright Fest® will be the biggest and scariest in the park’s history. Voted the Best Theme Park Halloween Event by USA TODAY readers, Six Flags Magic Mountain leaves no tombstone unturned to deliver what guests want most…an all-out terrifying experience. The bone-chilling lineup of new haunted attractions features two new scare zones and three new mazes, including a terrifying recreation of scenes from the upcoming horror movie release, Hell Fest.

Fright Fest boasts a grand total of 13 electrifying mazes and dare-to-enter scare zones, along with nightmarish roaming zombies around every corner. To take fright to the extreme, Six Flags Magic Mountain will add a sinister element to some of the theme park’s monster coasters by turning off the lights, leaving riders to face their fears in total darkness.

“Six Flags Magic Mountain is the top rated theme park Halloween event in the entire country and this is our biggest and scariest Fright Fest ever. We’ve added new mazes, more iconic characters and unmatched attention to every scary detail,” stated Park President Neal Thurman. “Each year we up the scare factor with new and innovative experiences for our guests and this year is our best ever with an incredible line up of truly frightening entertainment.”

One of this year’s stunning new mazes, Hell Fest, will depict scenes straight from the movie including:

  • The Mausoleum, an increasingly narrow corridor that forces guests to feel the touch of death;
  • The Mask Room, a haunting room filled with floating white faces that could spring to life when visitors least expect it;
  • The Doll Room, filled with dolls straight out of the worst nightmares; and
  • The Torture Chamber, where the bodies of the disassembled, dissected and disemboweled wish to share their horrific ending.

Room by room, guests must find their way out, or risk being trapped by “The Other,” the movie’s deranged antagonist.

Also new this year, four haunted attractions incorporate state-of-the-art makeup, props, and special effects:

  • Condemned – Forever Damned, is a new maze full of horrific haunts of a dilapidated home where the walls are alive and the spirits of those who once lived there unleash their fury on anyone who dares enter;
  • The new maze, Sewer of Souls, takes guests into an underground world of lost souls and terrifying tunnels where evil oozes;
  • The Shadows, is a new scare zone sure to raise a few goosebumps as eerie whispers, long windy howls and mysterious gory creatures lurk in total darkness; and
  • The new scare zone, Witches Lair, adds to this year’s horror-filled offering of haunts as the City of METROPOLIS™ is transformed into a haven for wicked spells and black magic.

The most popular maze returns to Six Flags in 2018, the region’s largest outdoor maze ever built, Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising. Covering more than 40,000 square feet, this massive maze will strike terror into the brave souls entering a post-apocalyptic city inhabited by nomad warriors who rule with bone-crushing iron fists and where the dead stalk the living. Larger-than-life props, fire, fog and other special effects make this a must-experience maze.

Popular returning mazes include:

  • Red’s Revenge, over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother’s house you go, but in this fairytale, guests and the wolf are hunted by Red and her demonic minions; and
  • Willoughby’s Resurrected, a reincarnation of the Willoughby family’s beloved haunted mansion that includes hair-raising horror down long harrowing hallways and around each nightmarish-turn.

Four additional scare zones around the park leave guests nowhere to hide and screaming to get out unscathed. They are:

  • Demon’s Door, once you enter the park, be prepared for your mind and body to be completely taken over by the evil spirits that await you;
  • Steam-spewing mechanical beasts relentlessly hunt down their victims in TERRORtory Twisted;
  • Nightmares – A Twisted Fantasy, where your childhood favorite bedtime stories take on a perverse twist; and
  • Freak out on Exile Hill when unimaginable sinister souls appear without warning.

Spooktacular shows include the hypnotist, who puts park guests in compromising scenarios in their hilarious stage show located in Golden Bear Theater, and the very popular VooDoo Nights, where Ghoul Rock has gone pop with a musical spectacular sure to entertain. Be sure to dust off your thriller moves and join in the fun in the Full Throttle Plaza.

Guests can literally face their fears in the dark when the lights go out on some of the Park’s iconic coasters, including Twisted Colossus, Full Throttle, Tatsu, Viper, X2, Scream, Goliath, The New Revolution, and others during Fright Fest.

For the little monsters, a Trick or Treat Trail and Halloween Crafts round out the activities during the day.

Fright Fest Operating Hours and Days:

10:30 a.m. to 1 a.m.: September 15, 22, 28, 29, October 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27

10:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.: September 16, 23, 30 October 7, 14, 21, 28

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