Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 2022

A lot of time has passed since our last Six Flags Discovery Kingdom visit. One major ride has come and gone (the epic flop that was Skyline Attraction’s SkyWarp), and two new coasters have opened! Let’s take a look:

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At 10 years old, Superman: Ultimate Flight already feels like one if Discovery Kingdom’s veteran thrillers. The precursor to the park’s impressive DC Universe ride collection, Superman still provides one of Northern California’s most intense ride experiences.

Batman: the Ride was the last piece in the puzzle for DC Universe – and a great addition to Discovery Kingdom’s lineup of thrill rides.

Even without Medusa, there’s still fun to be had at “The Oasis” – that is, if you enjoy Kong, Sky Screamer, or Cobra.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s newest coaster, Safari Sidewinder, is a big hit with families and animal-lovers. Though the ride itself is a simple Zamperla Twister Coaster, the Sidewinder has an amazing presence.

Rides-wise, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is struggling with operations these days – shuttered rides and lengthy downtime are. Meanwhile the park seems to have a renewed interest in animal exhibits, as demonstrated by Safari Sidewinder, the recently remodeled (and thriving!) butterfly atrium, and the overall strong upkeep of the park’s zoo areas. The butterflies ended up on being the day’s highlight:

We also enjoyed the dolphin show and visits to each of the animal habitats before departing. With the Northern California amusement park landscape on the brink of some seismic changes, we hope to see Discovery Kingdom continue in the direction of strengthening their overall operation to the standard set by their wildlife components. Until next time!

Check out our video of our visit below:

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