SeaWorld Orlando Repaint Update – Mid-December 2021

It’s repaint city over at SeaWorld Orlando! Manta’s getting a fresh coast, the Sky Tower is getting a new color, and 21-year old Kraken is getting a brand new color scheme! Let’s take a look!

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We’ll start off this quick update with Dolphin Nursery and Sky Tower. Dolphin Nursery just reopened from a refurbishment that focused on making the exhibit (featuring young dolphins) more naturalistic. The exhibit now boasts a brown/warm tone color scheme with more naturalistic rockwork and landscaping. SeaWorld Orlando’s iconic Sky Tower is receiving a repaint. If the paint currently on the tower does not serve as primer and is the final color, it looks like we got a light glacier blue!

Manta’s one of two massive B&M Flying Coasters receiving a repaint this year! While Tatsu at Six Flags Magic Mountain is getting a new color scheme, Manta’s repaint is with the original colors. Currently about half the ride has been repainted. The patchiness along the track where repainting is still in process is most noticeable on the lift-hill. The iconic ‘splash’ sequence of the coaster (past the mid-course brakes) has been finished and looks amazing!

Kraken is the real surprise this year! Kraken’s infamous aqua/yellow color scheme is no more! The supports of this 2000 B&M Floorless Coaster are being painted a dark teal, while the track is becoming a bright seafoam green! The support painting started a few weeks ago, but now significant parts of the track are receiving their new colors! Take a closer look:

Thank you for checking out this quick SeaWorld Orlando update! What do you think of Kraken’s new colors? Let us know on our social media channels! Stay tuned for more soon…

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