SeaWorld Orlando – Crown Rating

Orlando’s got some big theme parks, and that includes SeaWorld Orlando. Home to marine life, roller coasters, water rides, and more! How does SeaWorld Orlando hold up on a global scale? Let’s find out.

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The Coaster Kings Crown Rating currently features five (5) categories. In each category a park can score one (1) thru five (5) possible crowns. The more crowns, the higher the score. The average amount of crowns awarded among the categories creates a final overall rating: the Crown Rating.

SeaWorld Orlando opened in 1973, just two years after Walt Disney World opened, lifting on what proved to be a viable tourist destination. After the involvement of Busch, the SeaWorld parks, including the Orlando park, turned into destinations far beyond the smaller attractions they once were.

One of the ways SeaWorld Orlando stands out is with roller coasters. The park’s impressive B&M trio include Hyper Coaster: Mako, Floorless Coaster: Kraken, and the poster-child Flying Coaster: Manta. These three make quite the lineup, but let’s not forget the dark ride meets water ride meets roller coaster: Journey to Atlantis! This 1998 addition marked the start of a new type of popular coaster: a water coaster! In February 2022, SeaWorld Orlando will be opening their next coaster: Ice Breaker.

The nice thing about almost any park in Orlando is the variety of attractions offered. Well SeaWorld’s marquee rides truly are their roller coasters, the park is also home to one of the World’s premier rapids rides: Infinity Falls. While the ride has been closed since the start of the pandemic, SeaWorld Orlando is also home to Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, a trackless dark ride. Is that not enough? The park’s new-for-2019 Sesame Street area also features a decent collection of family friendly rides.

Where the park truly shines is with their other attractions. World-class demonstrations with Orcas, Dolphins, Sea Lions, etc. are their signature attractions, but guests also find a plethora of aquariums, indoor and outdoor animal exhibits, behind-the-scenes tours and more!

When it comes to Food and Beverage, SeaWorld Orlando is pretty strong! Not including their great food festivals, their quick service is a bit above average. However, their aquarium restaurant: Sharks – Underwater Grill is phenomenal, and so is the attached bar. SeaWorld Orlando also recently spruced up their dining options near the entrance of the park further improving their F&B quality. Another great thing about the park is their lineup of bars, including Sharks, Flamecraft Bar, Glacier Bar and more!

The great thing about a park like SeaWorld Orlando is the variety of things to do and experience. The park is nicely landscaped, has lots of food and beverage outlets, and is nicely maintained. Operations are generally pretty good and their included-with-admission special events are some of the best!

Overall SeaWorld Orlando scores 4.5 crowns for the rather large lineup of attractions, landscaping, entertainment and quality food and beverage. There are a few things that they can improve upon, but they’re generally quite good about updating shows, attractions, and dining venues.

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