Movie Park Studio Tour – September 2021

Let’s get the camera rolling cause we visited Movie Park Germany this month! We couldn’t resist visiting to experience their brand new rollercoaster: Movie Park Studio Tour. A special launched family coaster which offers both a dark ride and a coaster. Next to that, I guided our European Coaster Kings members Alex from Spain and James from the UK during their first visit to the park. Want to know the tips? Continue reading!

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First tip for this park is to try and plan a visit during the week in September. We had almost no queues at all the rides which adds great value to a theme park day. The day started of a bit grey but then the sun came out and heated up things even more. Thanks to the parks t-structure, you best visit one of the furthest regions to start with. After a selfie at the entrance of course!

Following our own advice, we started with the brand new rollercoaster. You can find it in the far right corner of the park next to the rapid river and the Stratosphere flat ride. The former Ice Age/ Looney Tunes dark ride got a complete transformation into this unique experience in honor of the 25th birthday of the park: Movie Park Studio Tour!

You enter the lobby of a kind of theater (notice the posters!) where you wait a little bit more to enter the preshow area. Here they tell you to prepare yourself with director Thrillberg for a shooting day on set. You’ll appear in three different movies, how exciting! 

Sure enough you advance in a gallery queue with displays full of concepts for movies, former rides and much more. Basically a museum of easter eggs for you to discover. Which ones can you spot?

Then it’s boarding time after placing your luggage in one of several compartments. Cleverly, you’re able to grab your belongings on the back side outside of the station. This avoids the typical station congestions. Time to ride towards the first set which has a very Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz kind of vibe. A tornado rips open a house after which you fly backwards. You then (literally) turn back forwards for a short visit outside. Beware as the themed water tower can actually make you wet!

Next up is an action packed movie with motorbikes through which you ride quickly. It doesn’t stop there as you immediately pass to the next set with one of the main themed elements: King Kong! So yeah, even though you can’t ride Hollywood Tour at Phantasialand at the moment, the finales look pretty similar (except for a much more modern version).

And that’s it! The film got completed and you enter the waiting area before the station, again filled with plenty of Easter eggs. Overall, Movie Park Studio Tour is a family experience will definitely please kids but don’t expect any major thrilling elements. The quality looks pretty decent for this size of park so as a whole they did a great job adding this ride! Not sure if I get the story all that well after riding it a few times…

Intamin shows quite the different side again by offering this kind of coaster. However, it has competition of another fan favorite family coaster in the park: Van Helsing’s Factory. Both feel very different, yet Van Helsing still holds the crown as the best family ride in the park.

The other side of the park holds the more thrilling coaster collection with Star Trek: Operation Enterprise as the star attraction. Although not every Coaster Kings member was wowed by the ride, it remains a special little coaster for me. Especially backseat, the ride kept me really entertained from start to finish. 

The other two coasters in the back, well, they are what they are. Bandit ran okay when not sitting on the wheels but it was kind of bland. You don’t feel many forces while riding except for a bit of shaking and whipping.

As for MP Express, which hasn’t had its Lucky Luke transformation yet except for the paint job of the track, it’s an SLC. Not the worst one out there, but still true to the type’s reputation. 

Overall, due to low crowds and sunny weather, we had the best theme park day you can imagine. The park has some iconic rides and also at the entrance/exit, we really enjoyed our ride on Area 51. The unique spillwater / darkride certainly entertained our group!

Before going home, we took a stroll through the different shops in the mainstream area. After buying merchandise for Sean and Alex, I decided to make a picture to show off their purchases. Never thought I would ever be photobombed by Spongebob and Patrick Star!

Overall, thanks to no crowds and awesome weather, we had the best theme park day you can imagine. The park delivers up to the expectations that you can have from a park this size. A lot has changed in those 25 years but they paid tribute to that history with their newest ride. We can’t wait to see what the next 25 will bring!

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