Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival 2022 Media Preview Night 

With Spring around the corner, it’s time for Knott’s Berry Farm’s annual Boysenberry Festival! Coaster Kings were invited to the media preview night where we got to sample tons of Boysenberry inspired food and drinks and you can read all our thoughts below! 

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Knott’s always does a wonderful job with their events. The preview was located in Town Hall which was decorated to feature a spring aesthetic. A live band, outdoor fires, and actors on stilts helped to set the atmosphere. There were also chefs from Knott’s roaming the area who were happy to talk to all enjoying their creations. Knott’s had numerous options available for us to try! 

First we tried the Boysenberry Filled Donut Chicken Sandwich with Bacon Jam and Arugula. That name sure is a mouth full but this item was savory, sweet, & delicious! The sandwich was also presented very nicely as it was an open face sandwich. 

There were plenty of Boysenberry drinks available to try. The Boysenberry Beer is always delicious at Knott’s and this year they also had a Boysenberry Hard Seltzer which was very refreshing. Other drinks available consisted of Boysenberry Horchata, Sangria, & Wine. 

Next we tried the Meatballs with Boysenberry BBQ Sauce and the Boysenberry Chili with Mac & Cheese. Both of these items were very good! They also had vegetarian options available for the Chicken Sandwich, Meatballs, and Chili. It’s great to see Knott’s offering a variety of options for everyone! 

The Chicken Dumplings with Boysenberry Wontons were good but I would probably recommend the other food options we tried over these. It also should be noted that all of the food is very shareable. Boysenberry fest is a great place to go with a group if you wanna try as much as possible! 

For dessert, we had Boysenberry Mousse Chocolate Cake, Boysenberry Pie Bars, & Boysenberry Rocky Road Brownies. The brownies and the pie were really outstanding and were a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth! 

Between all the Boysenberry food and drinks, we were absolutely stuffed by the end. The chefs also had a variety of other foods on display that will be available when the event begins. 

Boysenberry festival is always a fun & delicious time at Knott’s Berry Farm! Knott’s really goes above and beyond to bring special Boysenberry inspired food that you often wouldn’t find at a theme park. I highly recommend everyone check out Knott’s Boysenberry Festival which runs daily from March 18 – April 24. 

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