Industry Highlight: BoldMove Nation

In this new industry focused series, we want to highlight theme park related companies in who (help) create rides and attractions. Who works behind the scenes to deliver us some wonderful and memorable experiences? In this first post, we focus on a pretty new company: BoldMove!

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Creating Happier Worlds

You might know quite a few manufacturers of rides in the theme park industry, but there’s more companies out there that create new attractions. BoldMove is one of them that can offer a full package to parks or just the required services. From ride design to merchandise, thanks to several partnerships and their experience in the industry they can offer a wide number of options to parks or other entertainment venues. How do they create those happier worlds? They have 4 ways to deliver the perfect experience for guests!

So you want to build a new ride?

First up: offering services to ensure the right ride gets built for the right client. So not only selecting the ride but also the project & business management side. What ride will give the best value for the park’s budget? What is the required budget for the entire project? How to define the best marketing strategy and merchandise fits the new ride?

As mentioned, the ride & attraction design itself can be requested as well. Not only the technical side but it includes theming, design, media and storytelling. So it’s one thing to request a rollercoaster but how do you create make it memorable? BoldMove can give the full package.

Shooting or singing?

Part of the design are the vehicles. Depending on what type of ride and footprint, BoldMove works together with partners to deliver the perfect fit. Today, they have already two concepts ready for launch! The Smash & Reload Dark Ride got created together with partner Triotech. Thanks to a compact layout and yet still having high-capacity, this dark ride will make families and theme park enthusiasts alike have a great time. The concept takes you on a journey where guests will shoot targets but also have to reload before they can try to beat the high score!

The second concept, called Sing & Rise, lets guests take place on a “mini stage” with microphones. Together with a digital coach, they sing their way to the top to get the best high score!

These concepts with interactive dark rides come from the know how of the companies captain of creative minds: Benoit Cornet. Together with managing partner Anja D’Hondt, they are eager to offer custom rides as well to match the customer’s demands. The CEO explains: “It’s hear-warming to see so many talented people turn to BoldMove Nation and help us craft the modern, inspiring and media-based attractions this industry needs to thrive and secure it’s future, both in Europe and Asia.”

Things can get “mushy”!

To engage guests even more with the developed rides, BoldMove can help with IP & Theming. This can either be a brand new one or an existing one. They have two examples ready on the shelf. A perfect fit for their Smash & Reload Dark Ride is the TooMush IP. These likable mushrooms play their part in the ride as industrial pollution made them deformed. Guests need to shoot them to return them to their normal state.

If the client prefers an existing IP, they can choose for Marsupilami for example. In cooperation with Mediatoon, the comicbook character can come to life for one or several rides or even an entire theme park. Next to that, it offers great opportunities for merchandising, with which BoldMove can help as well in both integration and development.

Ready for the future?

Last but not least, they can enhance rides or create a standalone experience with their technology & media. From interactivity to media & light, thanks to the right BoldMove Nation network of partners there’s a solution for everyone. This also includes Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Both can be used for more than just rides but experiences in a park or entertainment venue as well. How about a Wild West Quest where through both physical and virtual portals you can find the several targets. Another option can be an Egg Hunt with the Marsupilami !

Houba World

Besides designing rides, BoldMove also has a concept for an entire theme park: Houba World. It combines all the above into a small theme park with engaging rides and the concept can get customized to the customer’s desire. It includes a themed restaurant and retail options with a merchandising programme. The park fits up to 15 attractions fitted in a jungle setting designed with the BoldMove’s DNA: with quality, creativity and respect. A true family oriented experience which will also appeal to the real theme park enthusiast.

BoldMove Nation

You can find more information about this company on ! We definitely look forward to see the first rides and even theme parks get built. Next to that, it’s quite exciting that a collaboration of different companies can lead to interesting new attractions. Where would you like to see them get built? Let us know!

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