Holiday in the Park at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Sean: This year’s Holiday in the Park is another step up from what was already one of the best Holiday events in the country. Six Flags Magic Mountain opened their popular Holiday in the Park in 2014 and ever since has been leading the California market with the most unique event around, celebrating all winter holidays in a modern high-energy fashion. This year the park has introduced several new attractions for the event! Let’s take a look!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The time where we get to either be incredibly cold (Cali standards) or leisurely walk around theme parks decked in holiday decorations while its hot out. Most importantly, it is the time of year that we get to enjoy one of our all time favorite events!

The great thing about Holiday in the Park at Six Flags Magic Mountain is the fact that every year we get several new attractions for the event! One of the original areas is Winter Wonderland, located between Revolution and Tatsu

Just like the summer time and Fright Fest, Full Throttle Plaza is home to an action packed festival of live music, lights and dancers. This year Full Throttle Snowy Nights is back!

Talented dancers take the stage as they create a new-age holiday tradition of music and partying with some hints of classic holiday music, lights and snow!

The rest of the Full Throttle Plaza is also wonderfully decorated and can’t be missed, it’s a great place to finish the night as it’s close to the entrance!

The fascinating summer entertainment “Kwerk” is back for Holiday in the Park as Kwerkmas, a steampunk inspired acrobatics show with a holiday overtone.

It may not necessarily be very cold out during every night of Holiday in the Park, but it certainly is a great way to relax away from weather inside the Gearworks Theatre near Twisted Colossus. This is some of the best entertainment the park has put out in recent years.  

The area in which Kwerkmas is located is the Gleampunk District, one of our favorite areas of the event. Great steampunk inspired decorations and a very well balanced light display throughout the area make for a great modern-yet-classic Holiday in the Park area. 

Steampunk Snow Man? – CHECK!

The lights in the sky pay homage to the color scheme of Twisted Colossus, one of California’s most spectacular coasters, while the lighter traditional lights below create a soothing landscape. I’ve always been very impressed with the techniques used here. 

Another great thing about this event is the fact that the park loves faux snow, which can be found in many areas (including the main plaza, Winter Wonderland and the Gleampunk District). 

It wouldn’t be Holiday in the Park if the costumes and characters weren’t unique! We love it!

Let’s take one last look at the can’t-miss Gleampunk District before heading over to one of the new attractions for the event!

Next up: Santa’s Cottage! A meet ‘n greet with the legend himself in front of the Golden Bear theater right near Bugs Bunny World. The location of this new attraction is perfect as that’s certainly where most of the park’s younger clientele hangs out! 

Rockin’ Universe is back as well, as one of the largest light shows on the West Coast. All of DC Universe is covered in synchronized lights to provide several different light shows every 15 minutes!

Tens of thousands of lights in a small theme park area are everything you wish it is,  but better. Definitely another part of the event that really makes Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Holiday in the Park stand out!

Let’s make our way over to the other new-for-2018 Holiday in the Park area while passing by the world’s tallest swinging pendulum ride: CraZanity, which is one of our favorite rides at the park. Appropriately it has a fantastic light package, perfect for the holidays!  

New for 2018 is Merry Lane, a great area that really utilizes the Metropolis plaza to its full potential. Larger than life, music and light synchronized ornaments cover Metropolis in yet another Six Flags-unique display.

Guests have the ability to walk around, as well as through, the ornaments, which of course creates a perfect photo opportunity!

And with that new amazing area for Holiday in the Park we finish up this quick report. Six Flags Magic Mountain has really stepped up their special event game in recent years, and though it’s a hard world to compete in locally, they have the holiday game down. Great food, great atmosphere, even greater entertainment and displays. For the holidays you drive to Valencia and check out Holiday in the Park. 

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  1. I haven’t made it to Holiday in the Park yet this year, but hope to so I can see the new stuff. By chance, did CraZanity get a special holiday lighting scheme? Surely the LEDs can be programmed to display anything. The lights in DC Universe have always been impressive, too. Thanks for your coverage of this event.

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