Give & Take Coasters – Parques Reunidos Edition

Sven: So imagine you’re in charge of a group of parks and you can switch up rides between them. That’s what we did in this article: Give & Take Coasters! We start off with a European Parques Reunidos edition where we will exchange rides between Bobbejaanland, Movie Park Germany, Parque Warner and Mirabilandia!

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Ready for the coaster mix? To do this, I kept in mind the ride collection of the park once it loses a ride but also knowing what ride it gets instead. The goal here is to diversify the cGioaster line-ups. You might think that for some parks this will damage them, but I always made sure they got something in return that they don’t have yet. But to balance things out, I also propose some other changes to the parks entering the switch.

Bobbejaanland gets… Batman: Arkham Asylum

So Parque Warner has two B&M coasters. I consider Superman the major one as it is custom for the park and one of the only Floorless coasters in Europe. The other one: Batman. A much cloned Inverted coaster by B&M, but the only model in Europe. Nevertheless, it is not only the second B&M in the park but also the second Inverted coaster. Stuntfall being the third major coaster of the park puts the park as a must visit for European theme park fans (and beyond). So as there’s a better B&M and better Invert, I think it is acceptable to remove this ride from Spain.

For Bobbejaanland, this would be an enormous addition for several reasons. First off, it would be the first B&M coaster in Belgium. And even though it is not very unique, it would cause a major celebration for Belgian theme park fans. Secondly, it’s compact so it would fit nicely in the park as they don’t have room for big major coasters. Thirdly, in the coaster line-up, it would give another major coaster to the park and it’s desperately needs more of those to give more appeal to visit Bobbejaanland. Also, the ride can still lean towards an “Air/Wind” theme to match in the Land of Legends story. Because yes, a ride here is about to move!

Movie Park Germany gets…  Typhoon

Since Bobbejaanland gets Batman, they need room for it. Well, if they remove Typhoon, they have the perfect spot. Some will hate me by getting rid of such an iconic coaster but I don’t think it will be missed much because of Batman. Typhoon is well-known in Belgium, even among the non-enthousiast, but it’s no longer the only major Gerstlauer coaster in the park. Not that this is a bad thing (look at Hansa-Park), yet for Bobbejaanland I do feel a certain similarity between the two. Ok, the one is a launch coaster and the other is a lift hill with steep drop. Nevertheless, maybe it’s because I know they are both Gerstlauer, but I still would gladly give it a life somewhere else.

And that place is Movie Park Germany. I think the park needs to up it’s thrill level a bit more. Yes, there’s MP Express, now called, Lucky Luke The Ride. But you know about my hatred for SLC’s, so this also taking in account a removal of that ride a few years later. Plus it would be interesting to see Typhoon getting a western theme. (Which would also be ironic as Bobbejaanland is a western inspired theme park and there it did not have a western theme). The stars of the park remain Star Trek and Van Helsing, but it’s better to have Typhoon as third instead of Lucky Luke or Bandit.

Mirabilandia gets… Bandit

I know Movie Park Germany management quite likes Bandit because it appeals to families. And that’s exactly why I want to move it because they will never upgrade Bandit. As they get Typhoon instead, as mentioned they can remove Lucky Luke for a more family friendly coaster in the future. So with that in mind, I don’t think I’m hurting the park at all.

Mirabilandia however would get back a wooden coaster after the closure of Sierra Tonante in 2007. At first you might think, well, what a sh*t gift for them. But here, they already have a nice offer of family coasters. So nothing would keep them from doing an RMC overlay, just like Twisted Cyclone at Six Flags Over Georgia. So what seems as a cursed gift, is actually an RMC for Italy. And that next to iSpeed and Katun? You’re welcome.

Parque Warner gets… Divertical

With RMC Bandit in place, I think they don’t mind to give up a coaster like Divertical. They still have a rapid river, a log flume and a splash battle, so plenty of water rides to cool down. I also find that the ride looks a bit RCT at the park. They didn’t do much of decorations and theming. So what park could do that instead?

Yep, the circle is round with Parque Warner. I did remove a B&M, but they get an Intamin so that’s not too bad of a trade. Also, the desert climate in Parque Warner really gives long queues for water rides, so they can certainly do with another one. As mentioned, the ride should be a lot more themed and why not use one of the DC characters? I imagine an Atlantis kinda area with Aquaman as new theme.

So here you go, a new breeze through 4 parks! Do you agree or would you switch up other coasters? Let us know!


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