Flying into 2022 with the Farmyard Flyer

2022 is so far proving to be a pretty strong year across Europe, with some major new hardware opening up in the coming months. Above all, Denmark is opening up a major new Vekoma coaster as well as a Mack family coaster, both of which we will we be heading to check out next month. Furthermore, UK has got plans for two major rollercoasters coming at Thorpe Park and Chessington over the coming years. However, for this year, a brand new family rollercoaster, called The Farmyard Flyer, will be opening on the 1st April at Paultons Park.

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Another new investment for Paultons Park

‘The Farmyard Flyer’ is a brand new rollercoaster which will be opening up at the beginning of spring at Paultons Park, UK. This new rollercoaster serves as an expansion of the midwest-resort town area, which opened up to the public in April 2021, known as Tornado Springs.

The Farmyard Flyer will mainly be aimed at families with younger children. The storyline revolves around ‘Farmer Flo’, who is welcoming new livestock and equipment for their airfield. The Farmyard Flyer is a brand new aircraft which will be taking flight around Tornado Springs from April 2022. This new rollercoaster is a custom Zierer Force rollercoaster. I hope you enjoy taking a look through the photos I took below. I also saw the Farmyard Flyer complete a test circuit. However, I unfortunately missed it for the camera! If you like these photos, please head to our Instagram @europeancoasterkings . Here you can keep up with the latest attractions opening across Europe this year!

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