Finally, Walt Disney Studios added effects to Avengers Assemble: Flight Force

Although Disneyland Paris announced in February that the Walt Disney Studios Park’s Vekoma launched looping coaster would receive upgraded effects, they were not implemented until July 2023.

On July 20, 2022, Avengers Assemble: Flight Force, formerly known as Rock ‘N Rollercoaster Avec Aerosmith, reopened on the Avengers Campus with its new theme.

Initial criticism of the ride focused primarily on the coaster’s main show building. As the majority of the ride takes place in the dark, many fans deemed the building to lack themed elements and lighting. Along with the ride’s audio, the roller coaster uses LED screens and a few other smaller projections to convey a story. Executives of Walt Disney Co. who visited the newly unveiled Avenger Campus in the summer of 2022 reportedly had a lackluster reaction to the attraction.

Since then, minor adjustments have been made to the ride’s onboard audio, but despite the Spring 2023 announcement, no significant changes have been made to the on-ride effects. Thankfully, new effects have been introduced, powered predominantly by laser technology. Fans and fan sites in Europe are reportedly pleased with the modifications. In a few weeks, we expect to return to Walt Disney Studios to check it out for ourselves.

Lasers are used to create a celestial sky effect on the ride’s show building’s ceilings and floors. Additionally, LED effects and screens were added to the roller coaster to accentuate significant moments. The following video, provided by DLPWelcome, demonstrates some of the new effects, though the majority are difficult to distinguish. However, fans of the ride will note plenty significant modifications.

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