Europe Top 20 Coasters – 2020

10) OzIris – Parc Astérix

We’re in France for the coaster we ranked as best coaster in France. OzIris, often named the European Montu, also stands as highest rated B&M Invert in Europe according to the team. For years, Parc Astérix was pretty hidden next to the highway but this ride became the eye catcher to draw your attention to the park. If you like theming, you’re in for a treat with this one as you get transported into an Egyptian comic world inspired by one of the Astérix and Obelix stories. If you speak French, there’s also all sorts of jokes to discover in the queue. But the ride itself makes it such a sweetheart with a smooth experience through several inversions.

9)  Helix – Liseberg

Honestly, we doubted if we wanted to include this coaster this year as it’s one of the few that unfortunately couldn’t open. But credit is due where credit is due and once Liseberg reopens, you can’t ignore that Helix ranks as one of the best coasters in Europe. We’ll skip talking about the ugly queue and jump right into the ride experience itself. Standing high atop the hill, this landscape coaster offers a lot of variety. Not every ride will feel the same (especially morning compared to evening) but once you’ve done a night ride front seat, you know this Mack Launch coaster is the real deal.

8) Lech Coaster – Legendia 

One of my personal all time favorite coasters has to be this Vekoma Blitz. In the cosy Legendia in Poland the ride stands on the lakeside which immediately attracts your attention. Themed to the history of Poland, you embark on a compact journey like an eagle’s flight. Don’t underestimate the ride with some incredible forces taking over your body. No other smaller park in Europe can give you such a coaster experience than this one for sure. The ride also showed that Vekoma’s really back in the game to deliver spectacular rides.

7) Shambhala – PortAventura World

The last B&M on the list also ranks as the only Spanish coaster in the list. The good thing about Shambhala is that no matter where you sit, you’re bound to have an awesome ride. The coaster might be a bit light on theming, but the view from the lift hill will surely amaze you. On one side the ocean, while the other side gives a wonderful view of the park and the mountains. Don’t also forget that it might be one of the smoothest on the list too!

6)  Schwur des Kärnan – Hansa-Park 

Gerstlauer still amazed people by building a ride like this. Not everyone will rank this coaster this high because it isn’t perfect. (Then again, which coaster is). This ride offers a lot: theming, story, several surprises and of course a stunning spaghetti work of steel. It also holds the title of highest coaster with inversions in Europe. And we always find it funny how the tower is actually higher than it’s original inspiration. If you like speed and inversions, you’ll likely adore this coaster too.

5) Wildfire – Kolmården

We start of the top 5 with the very first RMC coaster in Europe. So far, it’s also the only Topper Track wooden coaster on the continent by the American company. In the middle of the woods in Sweden, you can find the amazing Wildfire. We recently covered the whole park of Kolmården, but one of the highlights (and probably the biggest one for coaster enthousiasts) has to be this machine. As we stated before, it might not be the best of the three RMC for most, but this one has the views. Plus it’s a one-of-a-kind experience in Europe so it most certainly deserves this position in the overall ranking.

4) Zadra – Energylandia 

Number 4 goes to one of the most impressive looking coasters. It only got added last year and immediately found its way to the top 4. We’re talking about the biggest European RMC to date: Zadra. This ginormous beast in Poland got added to Energylandia to really level up the coaster line-up of the park. With this one, RMC stepped out of its comfort zone by building an Iron Horse from the ground up. The result gave them the freedom to incorporate all the elements they wanted like a massive First Drop, loads of ejector airtime and a killer Zero-G-Roll at the top of the hill. Guaranteed for a thrilling, intense moment of fun with hangtime and airtime.

3)  Taron – Phantasialand 

While last time it was our number 1, the team vote decided to give Taron the bronze medal. One of our members finds the coaster to be a bit overrated due to lack in variation between elements, which is an understandable criticism. The ride gives you airtime, twisty elements and awesome launches. There’s no denying this coaster is one of the best-themed experiences in the world. You’ll never forget the first time you walk into Klugheim and how the coaster pops up like a demon all over the area. So if you’re an enthousiast who looks at the whole package, you’ll probably rank this one the highest.

2)  Untamed – Walibi Holland 

On number 2 we have the most anticipated ride Walibi Holland ever had. The old Vekoma Robin Hood got a major transformation last year and became a reckless bug. In the Wilderness area, you can ride an incredible RMC who became famous due to its series of wonderful elements. From the First Drop to the final Barrel Roll before the brake run, Untamed has a lot to offer. While not really themed, the queue pays tribute to the former version, it also makes you feel relaxed (especially in summer) with nature vibes. On board, you know you’re in for a ride of your life. Yes, it might hurt your legs a bit due to the ejectors but the experience you get is just so sweet.

1)  Taiga – Linnanmäki

The golden crown this year goes to another novelty of 2019: Taiga. This Intamin coaster in Finland stepped up the game from Taron by offering a compact thrilling experience filled with wonderful elements. It might not have the same level of theming like the Phantasialand Blitz but the coaster itself makes up for that. So enthousiast will have a hard time picking a favorite, especially if you like theming. This coaster might be a bit harder to reach too as it resides in the capital of Finland. So those who already have the credit may consider themselves lucky. Although the park has more to offer than just this killer coaster, it sure put itself on top of coaster enthousiast lists! The trend of parks having that one major eye-catching coaster should remain encouraged so that we can have more of these gems in the future.

That’s it for this year’s top 20! You probably won’t agree with all of our choices (even among the theme there’s discussions) but we honestly think it’s an excellent reflection of Europe’s coaster landscape. We can’t wait to see how things will shift next year with again some major additions coming. Belgium might not have a spot for example this year, but we do hope to see one or two in the next list. Have a wonderful 2021 and let’s hope we can ride all of these again soon!

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