Efteling: World of Wonders – 2022

Efteling is a park we simply cannot get enough of – a trip to Europe simply feels incomplete without a visit here.

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Efteling is the kind of place that begs for a relaxed visit with ample time to focus on everything. Repeat visits have allowed us to have different focuses each time – with this visit’s focus being some rides that were new to us while also repeating some faves.

A ride per each on the cheeky Max and Moritz was a priority this visit, as we didn’t have time for the dueling Mack Blauer Enziens on our previous visit. It’s a charming, high-capacity ride of a satisfying length – perfect for Efteling’s annual attendance of 5 million.

Python is a ride we always intend on riding multiple times per visit, but always end up with just one ride due to time constraints. With Baron 1898 closed for scheduled maintence, we had time for a coveted second ride this visit on Python.

Closed for most of the day due to a small trackbed fire, Joris en de Draak was ready for rides by about 4pm. Ironically, it was indeed the Fire (Vuur) side of Joris en de Draak that incurred fire damage and remained closed.

De Vliegende Hollander is always a top priority for us, and it was running so well that we couldn’t wait to get two rides in on this one-of-a-kind water coaster from KumbaK. We also enjoyed the park’s other water ride, Intamin River Rapids Piraña for the first time.

Symbolica: Palace of Fantasy and signature restaurant Polles Keuken are also absolute musts for us on each Efteling visit – elaborate trackless dark ride Symbolica requires two, if not three rides, as each of the rides three “tours” feature unique scenes. Tied in with the theme of Symbolica is Polles Keuken, a whimsical pancake house (a Dutch traditional dish) that has easily become our favorite dining experience at any park in the world.

Gondaletta was another ride that we’ve always meant to ride, and now we’ve found it’s yet another can’t-miss ride for Efteling. This scenic Intamin tow-boat ride capturers the unparalleled natural beauty of Efteling while also highlighting the park’s immense size.

70th Anniversary festivities are in full swing at Efteling, which includes new attractions and entertainment – including a this-year-only Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland–themed walk-thru in the park’s seasonal events space.

And of course, other points of focus include global top-tier dark rides Droomvlucht and Fata Morgana, the newly remodeled Carnival Festival, and the classic indoor Vekoma Vogel Rok.

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As always, we left Efteling already planning our next visit – we’re overdue for a walk through the Fairytale Forest, and we’re of course eager for our next rides on Baron 1898 and Joris en de Draak – Vuur. Moreover, Efteling has announced Danse Macabre: a new E-ticket dark ride for 2024 that is sure to be the industry’s next great god-tier themed attraction. At this point Efteling is a *minimum* once-a-year park for us, so we look forward to our inevitable return in 2023.

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