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This week’s Crown Rating discusses our first European park of the series – none other than a World of Wonders (Wereld Vol Wonderen in Dutch): Efteling! Efteling is known for its dedication to storytelling in their fairytale forest, which has since extended to the park’s notable dark rides and coasters.

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The Coaster Kings Crown Rating currently features five (5) categories. In each category a park can score one (1) thru five (5) possible crowns. The more crowns, the higher the score. The average amount of crowns awarded among the categories creates a final overall rating: the Crown Rating.

Efteling started its journey as a “wandel park”: a place to stroll and enjoy a calm environment. The park then opened a fairytale forest that sparked inspiration to build an entire theme park focused on immersive storytelling. Decades later, we’re looking at one of the most prestigious theme parks in the World.

When looking at Efteling’s coaster collection, we’re seeing a well-balanced lineup with dedication to theming spanning from minimal to some of the best in the World. Coasters such as Python and Joris en de Draak offer thrill, while Vogel Rok, Baron 1898, and De Vliegende Hollander incorporate more theming. With the addition of Max en Moritz there’s a coaster for every type of person, none of which are forgettable. Overall a solid collection of quality coasters.

Coasters were not the only reason Efteling got so big (while Python sure is a legend for the park), the storytelling and appreciation for folklore is what makes Efteling special. Legendary dark rides such as Fata Morgana, Carnaval Festival, Droomvlucht and Symbolica are World-Class and can’t be missed. Beyond those rides, a collection of other noteworthy attractions as Villa Volta, Pagode (Flying Island), Panda Droom (4D Theater), Piranha (Rapids Ride), etc. can’t be missed. At Efteling, their great coasters sometimes feel like the afterthought.

Clearly in the ride department Efteling does spectacularly well. Beyond rides, the park scores just as high. From renowned shows such as Raveleijn and Aquanura to the classic walk-throughs of the Fairytale Forest, you can spend all day at Efteling and not ride any rides. This is one of the few parks in the World that scores 5 crowns for Other Attractions.

European parks are not very well known for spectacular dining, however there are some outliers. Efteling has a fun selection of food around the park, including cafes and dining options. Our personal favorite is Polle’s Keuken near Symbolica!

Our last category discusses atmosphere. Efteling is a gorgeous park that despite different themes has an overall consistent environment. The park is filled with landscaping, nature, and water features. When it comes to park employees, they’re some of the best and kindest in the industry. Being in Efteling truly is a different atmosphere. One we absolutely adore.

This is our first park to get an overall rating of 5 crowns. For those that have been, this likely isn’t a surprise, but Efteling truly is that good. One of our very favorite theme parks in the World.

Thank you for checking out our first all-star review. If Efteling wasn’t already on your must-visit list, it should be now. Check out other parks’ Crown Ratings here.

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