Crazy Holiday Crowds at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Sean: This Holiday Season, like most, brings heavy crowds to some of our favorite SoCal parks. Six Flags Magic Mountain’s parking lot reached capacity at 4pm and the crowds inside the park confirm the craziness! Let’s take a look at some of the wild crowds, wait times and lines at Six Flags Magic Mountain on December 29th.

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When we say it was crowded, we mean it. Navigating the park was a challenge, though walking was an ease compared to the painfully long lines. Batman: The Ride for example was listed at a 130 minute wait.

Over in Screampunk District, or Gleampunk District during Holiday in the Park, lines got even more frightening.

Lines for Twisted Colossus clocked at 150+ minute wait.

Even Scream! got some love with a similar queue time of 150+ minutes.

In order for Twisted Colossus to house all the guests queueing, a 3rd set of overflow switchbacks had been created:

Thinking of refilling your souvenir cup or grabbing some food? Don’t. Wait times for food were similar to that of rides.

Let’s head over to DC Universe, where Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth has guests spilling out of the queue, with wait times of 35 minutes. Similar wait times were found for Flash.

Johnny Rockets was a scary place yesterday.

So was the 150+ minute queue for Crazanity.

Riddler’s queue is at least fun as you get to witness the ride chasing by for several hours.

Underneath the big B&M we find the remainders of Green Lantern: First Flight, which will reopen as Vipere at LaRonde next year.

The queue for Club ‘O Ace at least is cutely weaved through Holiday in the Park decorations.

Justice League: Battle for Metropolis:

Crowds around the park continue to form in attempts to get food, but can the efficiency of the park’s food and beverage operations keep up? I’m afraid not.

I’ll be honest, I get a rise of long queues for classic rides like Gold Rusher. Viper and New Revolution for example featured a 100 minute wait today, filling up their entire queues, and more.

I just sincerely hope the park’s staff is alright, talk about a big rush.

The Underground looks great with actual crowds inside! The queue for Apocalypse was a 100 minutes long, and the food queues could definitely have been similar.

Though West Coast Racers was only opened to pass holders and members, the lines reportedly were up to about 3 hours long.

And with West Coast Racers we shall finish this report. Check out our first thoughts and reviews of the ride, here!

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  1. Hi I was there too on the 29th by my self and had a 3 person flash pass that I shared all day and night with many people as a Christmas gift to try to make their day more fun with the long lines and they loved it wish in turn make me very happy to had done it especially in the season of giving and will try to do it again next year.

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