Coaster Kings Radio Season 5 has arrived!

Coaster Kings Radio is back for a 5th season! To celebrate the launch of the new season, we launched 5 episodes this week! We recon that’s a lot of content to throw at our listeners at once, so here’s a recap of our newest content.

Batman vs. VelociCoaster vs. Toutatis vs. Pantheon

Our first episode starts off the season with a battle between four of the biggest and best new Intamin launch coasters out there. How do they compare? What are the best moments on each? And ultimately, which coaster do we think is best? Stream the episode on your favorite platform to find out!

Demolished Coasters We Wish We Rode

Our second episode brings the three original hosts of the show together for an in-depth look at some of the biggest losses in coaster history. Some coasters were always far away and hard to get to, but some we barely missed. Find out what coasters we wish we rode before they ultimately closed.

Inside PortAventura World

Not many theme park resorts out there are the size of PortAventura World with its six hotels, two theme parks and a water park. Sounds impressive right? In this Coaster Kings Radio we discuss the fascinating history of this Spanish resort, its tremendous impact on the industry, but also it’s biggest flaws. Our opinions may be harsh, but that’s because we’re passionate.

Armchair Imagineering: Universal Studios Florida

We have endless conversations in private about how we would fix up certain big theme parks. A park that comes up all the time is Universal Studios Florida. Having the near-perfect Universal’s Islands of Adventure park right next door only further demonstrates Universal Studios Florida’s shortcomings. It’s time to discuss what’s gotta go and what the park truly needs to be at the caliber of its impressive sister park. Do you agree with our assessment?

Inside Kings Dominion

Our 5th episode from Season 5 is another installment of our ‘Inside’ series. We take an in-depth look at all of Kings Dominion’s major rides and the park’s past, present, and future. Of course we have to talk about how insane Intimidator305 is, and what the likelihood of seeing another coaster like it is. Join us for the Kings Dominion chat.

We hope you enjoyed our launch of the new season and hope to see you back for weekly episodes on Wednesday! Subscribe so you don’t miss our 3 minisode series coming to you this season, as well as bonus material and specials. Season 5 will be Coaster Kings Radio’s biggest season yet and we love having you along for the ride ❤️

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