Busch Gardens Tampa – February 5th Construction Update

Nick: It’s been a little over a week since our last Busch Gardens construction update, and there’s been quite a bit of progress on both of their coaster projects, so let’s take a look!

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As you probably saw last week, all the track for Tigirs in now in place, and a new banner with the ride’s name has been hung from the top of the inversion!

Tigris Construction

Some of the best views of Tigirs come while riding Shiekra, so here’s a couple of screen-grabs from our ride yesterday morning!

Tigris ConstructionTigris Construction

This ride looks really great from the surrounding area, and the colors really pop! We can’t wait to take on Tigris this spring!

Tigris Construction

Heading on over to Gwazi now, demolition is in full swing, and is visible from all around the ride! Half of the lift from the Tiger side is already gone!

RMC Gwazi Construction

They’ve also recently removed a large section of track from Lion side – just a skeleton of the structure remains – for now!

RMC Gwazi Construction

From the top of Falcon’s Fury you can get a better view of the track being removed from the Lion side as the track heads back towards the station.

RMC Gwazi Construction

Finally, from the top of Shiekra, you can get a nice clear view and see just how much track has been removed so far!

RMC Gwazi Construction

We’ll be sure to get out to Busch Gardens every couple of weeks to follow the progress of RMC Gwazi construction and of course to ride Tigris when it opens this spring, so stay tuned to Coaster Kings for more updates!

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