A Look at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s Food & Wine 2021!

We’ve made several trips to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay this year already, and we’re back again to check out the park’s seasonal Food & Wine event! We’ll take a look at some of the food offerings we’ve tried, drinks, ambience, and of course we’ve got Iron Gwazi pictures for our coaster nerds out there!

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Busch Gardens Food & Wine takes place in the front side of the park, between Iron Gwazi and Sesame Street Safari of Fun. The event utilizes day-to-day park midways, as well as special event space behind the Garden Gate Café.

From the special event space, you get a great look at some of the park’s world-class coasters, like SheiKra and Tigris! You can click on each image and swipe to take a closer look!

With our two five-punch cards, we made a point of trying ten different food items and drinks. The articulate food critics that we are (not really), we figured we shared with you our tastings so you know what to check out!

Falcon’s Fury Lemon Drom

A great way to star you tasting adventure! The vanilla flavor is nice choice for complementing the citrus. Reminds us of a lemon bar. Nice alcohol content without tasting overwhelmingly boozy.

Chandon Sparkling Brut

Strong effervescence. Pleasant, tart flavor. Good for enthusiasts of sweet beverages.

Pinellas Peach Cider

A nice after-meal drink (this was what we used our last tasting card punch on). Not too sweet, but with a rich peach flavor.

Main & Vine Cucumber Watermelon Wine Spritzer

Surprisingly sweet, but a nice flavor profile. Not as unique as some of the offerings on tap, but a worthy use of a punch.

Hummus and Parmesan Garlic Fries

The hummus is good, but our fries were limp and undercooked, and there was no trace of parmesan and very little garlic. Not as advertised.

Beignets with Burbon Caramel

We couldn’t resist another round of these after enjoying them during the Mardi Gras event. People may say they’re more of a donut than a beignets, but whatever they are, we prefer these over the ones at Cafe Du Monde. Portion sizes dropped from 5 to 4 during the Mardi Gras event, and are now down to 3 for Food & Wine.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Nice consistency, surprisingly spicy! The peanuts provide great flavor as well as crunchiness.

Five Spice Roast Duck Lettuce Wraps

Excellent use of duck. Cashews, cilantro, Asian pear slaw, and plum sauce all make great complements. Lettuce was fresh and crispy.

Impossible Slider

Spicy, sweet, and savory. Tangy balsamic is a great complement to the zesty fried jalapeños. Love having so many vegetarian items at these events!

Elote Street Corn

Excellent lime flavor, very fresh ingredients. Very satisfying for fans of Mexican street corn. Probably our favorite food at the event.

Another great aspect of the event is the fact that you get to enjoy all this great food so close to Iron Gwazi! The coaster’s massive superstructure makes for a wonderful backdrop while enjoying your food and wine, and we can’t wait for the sound of trains running along its tracks. You can click on each image and swipe to take a closer look!

Thanks for joining us to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s Food & Wine festival! Like every food event the park puts on, it’s always a great time. Make sure to check it out and enjoy some relaxation time between the park’s signature coasters!

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