More Knott’s and More Merry Farm

dsc_0498-largeI went back to Knott’s Berry Farm with my new partner in crime and photographer last week to enjoy the park and its seasonal charm without the rain. It’s always great being at the park and being able to marathon Xcelerator for example. Thus today you’ll find a special article dedicated to both off-season and cool-air Knott’s fun, as well as more Merry Farm! Continue reading “More Knott’s and More Merry Farm”

Winterfest at California’s Great America

img_1124We had the opportunity to visit the brand new Winterfest at California’s Great America on opening night. We were very impressed by the scope and detail of the event, especially considering that this is its very first year. Below you’ll find what you can expect as far as attractions and entertainment as well as our more specific opinions. Please enjoy the following write up from California’s Great America’s Winterfest! Continue reading “Winterfest at California’s Great America”