The Park at OWA

We happened to be in the Florida panhandle this week and were only a few hours removed from OWA in Foley, Alabama. So we notified some nearby family and hit up this Zamperla prototype park on the Alabama Gulf Coast. This park is home to a few coaster credits and an excellent selection of flat rides. Let’s take a look at this 100%-Zamperla park!

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Scandinavia Series- Part 3: Särkänniemi, Finland

With the theme park season drawing to a close in many countries and people forced to stay home again, we thought we’d bring you a brand new article series. Expect regular updates from myself as we explore one of the most beautiful, cultural and historical regions of Europe: Scandinavia!

We’ll be taking you from Norway across to Finland, through Sweden and then down to Denmark. We’ll be providing you with detailed insights and top tips into the theme parks each of these countries has to offer. We will also be diving into which rollercoasters and attractions you aren’t going to want to miss out on. So grab a cup of coffee, a slice of cake and enjoy!

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